A note from Dr. Hover

Keeping with the theme of my practice, I work with high achievers who are driven to make changes and grow in their businesses. In my consultations with other clinicians, I don’t promise a certain number of clients in X number of weeks or other concrete goals like that. Everyone is individual, and their goals and process are different. But I will work with you to address some core pieces that can help you shape your business. The mindset work is something you can and will have to revisit as your business grows.

I want to help your business grow in a way that works for you as much as it works for your clients.

Individual Consultation-Mindset Work

Mindset work is incredibly valuable and important for both you and your clients.

What is “Mindset Work”?

Simply put, a mindset is a set of beliefs and attitudes that shape our beliefs and influence our behavior. You may have already heard of terms like “growth mindset” or “scarcity mindset.” Our mindsets can have a powerful influence on our business, and not always in a helpful way.

During individual consultations, we will:

  • explore your specific assumptions and likely challenge them
  • understanding messages you’ve heard or things you’ve learned that inform your mindset
  • identify themes that influence your business decisions

The Logistics:

  • 60-min meetings
  • Rate: $300 per hour
  • Frequency of sessions TBD after an initial phone call

“I wish I could…” Group Mastermind

Have you heard about other people running their practices in ways you wish that you could? Have you felt jealous of other people’s practice, schedule, or income?

You may have said things like this:

“Gosh, I wish I could charge your prices.”
“Sheesh, I wish I could only work during the week.”
“Ugh, I wish I didn’t have to work evenings.”
“*Sigh* I wish I could quit my other job and have my private practice be my main source of income.”

This is an opportunity to do some of the individual mindset work in a small group to learn from each other and to have additional support.

4 spots will be available

I keep these groups intentionally small, but if you miss this round, don’t worry, I will offer this mastermind again or may host a second group around the same time depending on interest. Stay Tuned!

Who: Licensed Mental Health Providers in Private Practice

  • Ideal participants will at least have the basics of their practice set up but may have been in practice for a longer period of time
  • Willing to challenge themselves and explore assumptions and mindsets

When: Fall 2022, Wednesdays 2 pm, CST

Cost: $1600


Workshops * Seminars * Presentations * Podcasts

Dr. Hover has conducted workshops and presentations on the business side of psychology. She has been a guest on several podcasts discussing these and related topics (links below for podcast episodes). If you are interested in having her come speak at your event or be a guest on your podcast, please email her at [email protected]

The Money Sessions Podcast
The Testing Psychologist Podcast
The Testing Psychologist Podcast

Presentations about Evaluations-Psych Evals 101

Are you a group practice that wants to learn more about psych testing/evaluations?

The world of psychological testing is confusing for the general public. Clients often will discuss this with a trusted person, often their therapist before pursuing something like this. But therapists can also be confused about what an evaluation is, what is used for, how much it costs, when to refer, etc. Dr. Hover is passionate about informing other clinicians about this valuable service so they can help their clients get the help they need.

Contact Dr. Hover today about scheduling an informational presentation about psych testing today. She conducts these presentations nationwide!