Rates & Insurance

Big Picture Psych is not in network with any insurance providers. There are a few reasons why I choose not to work with insurance providers.

In short, I want to provide you the best possible care and I don’t want insurance to have any say in that. I want to work closely with my clients to provide treatment and testing that is tailored to your needs without limitations that insurance companies can impose.


Testing Hourly Rate: $300

Approximate hours for a testing battery: 12-20 hours

Testing Battery Total Costs: Starting at $3,600

Testing isn't cheap but misdiagnosis is even more costly. Testing is a one-time expense that is well worth it and you will save money in the long run! A proper diagnosis will help you invest in the right therapy and medication for the best possible outcome.

A testing battery includes all of the appointments (intake, testing, feedback), the time it takes to score and interpret the tests, the collateral interviews, and the completed report.

A non-refundable deposit using a major credit card is required to schedule an appointment.

Payment options are as follows:

  1. First Payment: Non-refundable deposit to schedule intake
  2. Second Payment: Half of the highest quoted price, minus the deposit
    a. Due at the 2nd appointment, the first testing appointment
  3. Final Payment: Remaining balance calculated after testing and scoring completed
    a. Due at the last appointment, the feedback session

Other payment plan options may be available, please ask Dr. Hover for details.


Intake, 60 Minutes: $300.00

Treatment Sessions, 50-55 Minutes: $210.00

Using Out of Network Benefits

Your insurance companies may reimburse you for the costs of seeing an out-of-network provider. The reimbursement rates vary, but sometimes they can reimburse you at the same or a comparable to seeing some in-network. You can easily find out more by contacting your insurance company, typically the General or Customer Services number on the back of your insurance card.

Be sure to ask them the following questions about your mental health or behavioral health benefits:

  • Is there coverage for mental health treatment?
  • What is my out-of-network deductible and has it been met?
  • What is the reimbursement rate for the following billing codes: 90791, 90837, 90834
  • How much coverage is provided per therapy session?
  • How many therapy sessions are covered?
  • Do I need prior approval from my primary care physician?

Dr. Hover will provide a superbill for each session. This is a receipt of the session with all the necessary information to submit to your insurance provider.


Many employers will provide a Health Savings Account to cover out-of-pocket expenses and the cost of services not covered by insurance. If you have any questions about this, discuss this with your HR department or with Dr. Hover.


$150-$300 per hour

Costs for this service depend on the need and education level of supervisee.

Payment is due at the time of the session. Forms of payment include all major credit cards, check or cash.